The Pathway to Computer Science

Are you passionate about Computer Science but finding a lack of resources and support at your school? What does you or your child's high school pathway to Computer Science look like? Wonder no more! Speak to one of our Academic Advisors to get a personalised consultation and understand exactly what you need to do.
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What does it take to have a career in Computer Science?

Outside of a select few countries, students are not properly equipped with the tools and resources at high school to thrive in careers related to Computer Science, later down the road. In New Zealand, there are little to no Computer Science curriculums available to students in high school. This leaves many students without the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills prior to joining university. Many students never realise the wealth of opportunity available to them in this space until it’s too late. 

At Crimson Global Academy, we acknowledge that Computer Science, like any other career pathway, necessitates early preparation and strategy to reach the top. Successful students prepare for medical school early on in their high school careers and we believe students aspiring to attain top-level jobs in Game Development, Web Development, Software engineering, and other areas of the Computer Science space should do the same.

Find out how you can start preparing, after school, with Crimson Global Academy.

The After School Accelerator for Computer Science

Study the subjects you need for a career in Computer Science, after school. We offer an internationally recognised curriculum and you'll learn in small & live classes from some of NZ's top teachers who have over 20+ years experience, on average.

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