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Is your child currently studying NCEA?

Do you feel like your child is being challenged enough? Many parents don't. Find out how NCEA students are using Crimson Global Academy to get ahead academically.

Fully Accredited

by Pearson Edexcel to offer the iGCSEs and A-Levels, and by College Board to offer the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum.

Interactive classes

with diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers. Small classes built for interaction and 1-1 teacher engagement.

Top Teachers

with over 20 years of experience. They are passionate about their work and have been selected for their engagement, inspiration and results.

What is Crimson Global Academy?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class, fully-registered online high school delivering live, real-time teaching to students right in their own home. Our vision is simple. We will provide effective, challenging, and transformative schooling, suited to the current generation of students.
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Why are NCEA students joining Crimson Global Academy?

The NCEA curriculum is not a very internationally competitive curriculum - it's about 1-2 years behind the global standard. Many families come to Crimson Global Academy to study the A-level curriculum which has many benefits over the NCEA curriculum. One of the most popular reasons students join CGA is to supercharge their learning by taking extra A-levels after school.

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