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CGA Stories - Tsitsi

Tsitsi chose CGA because of the flexibility the school offers that enables her to focus on not just academics but to accelerate beyond the classroom. Besides learning the International A-Level curriculum, Tsitsi loves the global online community and was surprised how easily and quickly she was able to make friends. She finds CGA is full of opportunities for students to get ahead.
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Why did Tsitsi choose CGA?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class, fully-registered online high school delivering live, real-time teaching to students right in their own home.

Designed to challenge, students graduate with the International GCSE and International A-Level qualifications which are globally recognised for their academic rigour, flexibility, and breadth of learning.

CGA goes wider
Study more subjects

CGA offers a wider range of subjects students may not traditionally have access to. Tsitsi is able to study A-level Chemistry, English, Physics & Maths with CGA.

CGA goes deeper
CGA goes deeper

Students are placed into courses based on ability, not age, meaning students can go deeper and study more advanced content. As such, Tsitsi is able to study at a pace that suits her.

CGA goes global
CGA goes global

CGA Students with classmates hailing from all over the world. Tsitsi is able to connect and make friends with students from different backgrounds all over the world.

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