Why Good Teachers Are Important

09/05/20247 minute read
Why Good Teachers Are Important

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we’re here to commend the work of our CGA teachers today, and everyday. This is a long standing celebration that has taken place during the first full week of May every year around the world.

With more than 180 teachers from over 30 countries, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, our educators are the backbone of our online school community and bring a wealth of experience and global perspective to their classrooms.

Who are our CGA teachers?

Our CGA teachers are none other than the best. To our school community they are the educators, experts in their fields, builders of our community, and motivators in helping our students achieve their potential. Outside of our student family homes, our teachers are also everyday role models, and play an important part in shaping them to be the best they can.

"One of the best things about CGA is that the teachers are so supportive and they are very enthusiastic and passionate about what they're teaching so it makes me excited to go to class every day." - CGA Student Rikuto, Japan

Did you know? High-quality teaching is among the most significant influences on student achievement. Teachers are critical in shaping our future generation, affecting around 3,000 children over their career (Edweek).

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Not only do they make on average 1,500 educational decisions every school day (crazy, right?) they work to create nurturing school environments that assist our students beyond educational achievements and academic success. A survey conducted by ING Foundations found that teachers aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. The study went on to read that 88% of Americans say they had a teacher who had a "significant, positive impact" on their life.

“My favorite thing in the CGA classes are the Teachers. I love all my teachers. They're all so supportive....All my teachers really get me, which is something that I haven't really had in a traditional school." - CGA Student Siena, New Zealand

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The Impact of Good Teachers

Why are good teachers important? Teachers hold the most important job in the world. Through their influence, they have the power to simultaneously transform the lives of students while also molding our society as a whole. A significant 83% of students report that a teacher has boosted their self-esteem and confidence. Because of their positive influence, due to the countless hours spent with students each day, teachers have an active role in shaping who our future generation will become.

Teachers as Gatekeepers of Knowledge

When students struggle to understand a particular subject or topic, it's the teacher who clarifies and simplifies complex ideas, making abstract concepts clear and relatable. Teachers do more than educate, they introduce students to new ideas and thought processes they might not have encountered otherwise.

By encouraging students to engage in exploration of their interests and challenge their preconceived notions, teachers help guide students in developing who they are and what interests them. It is because of this that 79% of students say a teacher has helped them pursue their dreams, and see their future potential.

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Teachers as Your Biggest Cheerleaders

Every child's potential is visible to a good teacher, who can recognise a student's strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s offering extra help to those who are falling behind or challenging students to exceed their goals, teachers act as invaluable cheerleaders. Their belief in students' potential helps motivates many to achieve their goals.

"My favourite thing about CGA is how the teachers interact with the students. When someone asks a question, they go in depth to answer that question [and] see what more we can learn about it." - CGA Student Carter, Australia

Teachers as a Source of Comfort and Support

Outside of academic guidance, teachers often provide a critical support system outside the classroom. They help students navigate life's challenges, overcome emotional barriers, and inspire them to advance and achieve their best. It is said that 54% of students report that a teacher has supported them through difficult times.

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Let’s Celebrate Our Teachers

It’s never too late to thank your teachers. 87% of Americans say they wish they had told their best teachers how much they appreciated them. So why not start today? 

If you're looking for more insight on how our CGA teachers work with students in a an online classroom setting, reach out to us today for more information.

*Research facts were provided by the following: ING Foundation Survey, National Center for Education Statistics, The Harris Poll, and *EdWeek.

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