From CGA Scholarship to Environmental Champion

06/03/20246 minute read
From CGA Scholarship to Environmental Champion

In a recent highlight by the New Zealand Herald, the story of Kiani Christie, a 16-year-old Māori student from Whangārei, takes centre stage as she is awarded a prestigious $30,000 Founders’ Scholarship. Kiani tells all on her mission to pursue academic achievement; while blending her personal passions, particularly in the realm of environmental advocacy.

Kiani plans to utilise her scholarship to further her studies at CGA, aiming for her IGCSE levels, all while maintaining a strong connection to her love for music and environmental conservation. The New Zealand Herald recognises CGA's commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to make significant contributions to the world. "CGA is recognised for nurturing young minds capable of becoming future leaders and global changemakers,” states the article.

Kiani’s Blend of Balance and Ambition

Balancing my academic pursuits with my love for music and the sea has shaped me into who I am," Kiani shares. Her dedication to merging the rich indigenous wisdom of her Māori heritage with modern scientific insights underscores a deep-rooted ambition to contribute to a sustainable future. CGA’s flexible and supportive online learning environment plays a pivotal role in facilitating this balance, enabling Kiani to pursue her diverse interests without the need to compromise on her education.

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A Cohort of Talent

CGA prides itself on creating an online learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their full potential, regardless of their interests. Take, for example, Eva, a full-time CGA student from Russia, who has seamlessly integrated her passion for music with her academic goals. “Online education gives me many opportunities. I can work on my music, songwriting, vocal, piano playing, and at the same time, maintain my academics,” Eva states. Her achievements, which include participating in The Voice, releasing an original album, and securing a scholarship at Berkeley, highlight the unique opportunities CGA offers to students worldwide.

Similarly, Paige, a dedicated athlete and CGA student from Australia, exemplifies the adaptability and support CGA provides. Paige’s journey from Malaysia to Australia, and her transition from local curriculum to CGA’s challenging academic environment, showcases how CGA supports students in pursuing their dreams, stating, “I think the sky's the limit in CGA. If you have the drive, CGA will help you get to where you want to be.”

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CGA: Where Ambitions and Opportunities Align

The success stories of our students perfectly capture what CGA is all about, that is, empowering students worldwide to achieve greatness in their studies and personal passions. CGA’s commitment to providing a balanced, high-quality education tailored to each student's lifestyle ensures that whether they’re an athlete, musician, entrepreneur, or environmental advocate, they have the support and resources to pursue their passions to the fullest.

At CGA, we’re focused on creating an online environment that's as flexible and dynamic as the lives of our students, helping them mold into future's leaders, innovators, and game-changers. The feature in the New Zealand Herald is just one example of how CGA is making a difference in students’ lives, one success story at a time. You can read the full article here.

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