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An Online Class with an 100% Participation Rate

How did we manage to make online learning engaging? Watch one Dr. Daniel's Maths classes and get a taste of the CGA learning experience.

How do our online classrooms work?

In a CGA classroom, there’s nowhere to hide. Students have to be engaged, and that’s what makes it such a powerful environment.

We start with the basic building blocks of an effective classroom:

  • Great teachers, working with students in real-time, and
  • Small classes where students are expected to participate.

Great teachers and small classrooms are combined with leading education technology to provide an immersive digital learning experience.

Experience the magic of a CGA class room by attending one of our live trial classes!

Crimson Global Academy Watch A Trial Class

Try a Crimson Global Academy Maths Class !

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Meet the Teacher: Andrew Daniel

Mathematics teacher based in the UK who currently teaches ​International GCSE and AS Level at CGA. Studied in both the US & UK, and has supported students to gain acceptance to Oxford, Cambridge, the Ivy Leagues and many more top schools. Andrews passions include IT and technology integration within education, AI and mathematics in 3D computer game design.
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Created By CGA
Created By CGA