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A Curriculum Tailored To You CGA Student Experience 〈Yuko's Story〉

Searching for a more international way of learning? Discover Yuko's experience of attending Crimson Global Academy (CGA), a globally recognized International School for accelerated learning.

Access world-class high school education. From anywhere, at any age.

A traditional Japanese high school uses one curriculum to teach an entire class of students. This can often lead students feeling underwhelmed with the pace and topics covered in class.

If this sounds familiar, consider Crimson Global Academy (CGA)! At CGA, we provide our students with a wider range of subjects they may not traditionally have access to, as well as opportunities to go deeper and study more advanced content!

Curious to learn more? Meet Yuko as she happily shares her experience at CGA.

Topics include:

  • Choosing to transfer to CGA after having an international childhood
  • The secret behind putting 100% effort into her extracurriculars while also maintaining high grades
  • How does effective learning at CGA support her to realize her dreams inside of the classroom and out?

...and more! Learn all about Yuko’s experience of the past year at Crimson Global Academy.

CGA students

Meet Yuko

One year ago, Yuko transferred to CGA from her Japanese high school. Having settled into CGA, Yuko pursues her extracurriculars with passion while also taking her academics seriously.
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Created By CGA
Created By CGA