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Take Your Interests Above and Beyond CGA Student Experience 〈Manato's Story〉

Looking for a more global, innovative and technology driven style of learning? Read Manato's story and his experience as a student at Crimson Global Academy!

"Technology Integration" becoming the standard of educating Global Leaders of Tomorrow

Ever feel like your current school's education doesn’t suit you?

Looking for a more global, innovative style of learning? Then the increasingly popular Online International School, “Crimson Global Academy (CGA)”, may be for you!

To learn more about CGA and hear student experiences, meet Manato! In the form of an ebook, Manato will share with you:

+ How online learning can help you explore your interests at a deeper level
+ The advantages of learning in an online global community
+ Tips for ambitious students in Japan aspiring towards university overseas!

...and more! Learn all about how CGA can change your educational journey.

CGA students

Meet Manato

Manato previously attended an international school in Japan, but was looking for a more global, innovative style of learning. Just when he was looking for alternatives to studying abroad during COVID, he encountered Crimson Global Academy!
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Created By CGA
Created By CGA