Meet CGA Student, Gemma

26/01/20211 minute read
Meet CGA Student, Gemma

Introducing Gemma

Gemma, 17 years old, is a full-time student at CGA from Auckland, New Zealand. She chose CGA for its international curriculum and studies Biology, Chemistry, Geography and English Literature.

The online aspect of CGA is particularly appealing to Gemma as she feels it allows her to better interact with her teachers and peers. She has received a more tailored approach to her academics at CGA compared to her previous school.

Gemma feels like she has a lot more free time now because of the flexibility of her schedule. She enjoys horseriding, volunteering and helping her brother in his offroad racing in her free time.

My favorite thing about CGA is the different people you get to connect with. Some people live close by and I have become really good friends with them, while others live far away like Singapore and Japan. It has been great to connect with them and learn their stories.

Meet Gemma, and listen to her CGA story!