Meet CGA Student, Alison

26/01/20212 minute read
Meet CGA Student, Alison

Introducing Alison

Alison, 18 years old, is a part-time student at CGA from Bristol, UK.

Alison joined CGA to accelerate in Maths and broaden her options. With her part-time classes she is able to go beyond what she learns in her normal school.

At CGA Alison loves the small class sizes that allow her closer interactions with her teacher and fellow students. She finds that she is able to focus more. The flexibility with timetables also allows her to participate in extracurricular activities.

Alison loves to play music and photographing around her neighborhood. She uses her free time to write and play her own music!

Being able to study deeper has helped Alison move rapidly through her coursework while expanding on her existing knowledge. She loves that there are a variety of subjects on offer allowing students to study wider than a regular school.

If I had to describe CGA in one word, I would say it's amazing. Everyone's just so helpful and they're really enthusiastic about what they do. My advice would be just to go for it.

Meet Alison, and listen to her CGA story!