Principal's Update on Ukraine

10/12/20211 minute read
Principal's Update on Ukraine

To our CGA community,

It is with immense sadness and disbelief that our entire school community watches and listens to the unfathomable events taking place in the Ukraine. 

A key purpose of our school is to promote an understanding and acceptance of all cultures and peoples and as such it is difficult to view such a destructive and unjustifiable attack on your country, people and families. Perhaps over time schools such as ours will continue to break down barriers of culture and race to promote the tolerance and respect that all our school community believe in. 

It is heartbreaking to watch.

It is crushing to know that our students and our staff based in Kyiv are facing such a situation.

Our inability to make a tangible difference is worrying our staff and wider community.

While we cannot do much physically, I assure our Ukrainian families that you are firmly in our minds, hearts and prayers. 

The courage, determination and strength of the Ukrainian people shines through this unfolding tragedy.  

To our Russian families, it is clear that the actions of their Government are not reflective of the desires of the Russian people and  I am confident all our community wish for a quick resolution to the crisis.

Mark Phillips

Principal, CGA