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How can your 14-16 year old begin their journey with CGA? We offer a variety of options for students looking to accelerate their studies, gain access to expert teaching and international qualifications.

Accelerate your studies and experience great teaching while gaining international qualifications!

At CGA we offer a variety of options for those students looking to accelerate their studies and maximize their time in high school.

We offer the Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs, a globally recognized high school curriculum. Based on the British curriculum, this is one of the most popular international courses of study. You can take traditional subjects like English Language and Maths, or explore areas of interest in History and Business.

For those students looking to attend a US university, we offer Advanced Placement courses. These are college-level courses that students in American high schools take to get credit at university. While not a complete curriculum, AP courses are well-regarded for their academic rigour.

Students can enrol either full time or part time with us and take a variety of subjects. Our flexible options allow you to make your own timetable.

If you have significant pursuits outside the classroom like sports or other activities, then enrolling at CGA will ensure you do not miss out on the traditional high school experience while getting an international education with world-class teachers.


How can CGA help you?

Early preparation for university begins by selecting the correct subjects that will guide on as you progress in your learning journey. By taking classes that will help you understand what subject matter is like in university, you will be better prepared to face the challenges of advanced learning. At CGA we offer two options for students at the high school level: the International GCSE programme and Advanced Placement courses.

Our admissions process

Enrolment to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximise personalised learning and student success through small class sizes. There are 4 easy steps to join CGA.

Fill in the application form

An Academic Advisor will contact you to explain our application process. You will be asked to submit an academic transcript and proof of English proficiency, if English is not your first language.

Schedule the online diagnostic test

The test will determine your academic ability regardless of age or grade level.

Admissions Interview

Once the test is complete, we will review your results and conduct a final interview to confirm your subject choices.

Confirm your Enrolment

You will submit your final enrolment forms and we will be ready to welcome you to CGA and set you up for classes.