Experience the advantage of CGA's Primary School, where students benefit from a personalised learning environment in a one-on-one small online class setting.
Academic acceleration

Why join CGA Primary

For students aged 8-10 years, CGA Primary's personalised approach provides a learning environment tailored to each student's specific level and needs, enriched with constructive conversation and thoughtful guidance from an expert teacher and Personalised Education Coach (PEC).

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

Be part of your child’s learning progress every step of the way with real-time progress monitoring.

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Core Subjects Mastery

Build a strong foundation in core subjects with courses that streamline into international curricula.

Distraction-Free Learning

Study in an online setting that eliminates traditional classroom disruptions.

Time Savings

Save travel time to and from school, offering your child more opportunities to explore and master additional pursuits outside of schooling.

Expert Teachers

Master content from an expert teacher chosen for their subject mastery, not their proximity to a physical campus.

International Community

Join an international community of families who represent top-performing athletes and academics, travelling families and global and remote professionals.


Full-Time Primary School

Karthik is an 11-year-old full-time CGA student from South Korea that embarked on his educational journey at CGA as a Primary School student with one-on-one lessions. Karthik's has significant academic progress by skipping two grades and achieving the highest grade of nine.

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Primary Subjects

Choose from foundational subjects that prepare students for international curricula within a global school.


Integrates reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of vocabulary and grammar in a way that engages today’s learners and supports them in building a broad and diverse set of literacy skills.

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Covers advanced multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry, progressing to fluency in arithmetic operations and deepening understanding of mathematical concepts and applications.

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Your Primary School Roadmap

Start your child's educational journey with a clear and comprehensive roadmap. CGA strategically prepares students for future high school pathways, and CGA Primary is a vital stepping stone for students aiming for international curricula in a global setting.
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1:1 Learning Excellence

James is a 10-year-old student from Victoria, Australia, balancing his time between traditional schooling and part-time studies with CGA’s Primary classes. He's immersed in English, Math, and Science, blending his standard education with CGA's innovative DaVinci program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How involved do parents need to be in their younger students' journey?

Primary-aged students will need a support person throughout the school day. While the program is designed for young learners. Students at this grade will need support with navigating platforms as they get started and with completing assigned homework.

How can CGA’s classes work with my child’s homeschool schedule?

The one-on-one model ensures students can set lessons times that work for them.

How do teachers keep students engaged and motivated online?

Our classes offer interactive lessons that include real-world applications of learning, diverse instructional materials, and opportunities for collaboration with their global peers. Regular feedback, support, and recognition of achievements contribute to maintaining high levels of motivation among our students.

In what ways does CGA support students who may be struggling in a particular subject?

CGA provides targeted support for students facing challenges in specific subjects through additional tutoring, personalized learning plans, and instructional material. Our teachers are committed to ensuring each student’s academic success and well being, offering extra help when needed.

When can I enroll my child?

Students can start any time and target any examination intake/end date based on their schedule. Therefore, there are no term dates.

Why is CGA expanding into Primary School?

We are dedicated to meeting students where they are on their unique learning journeys. As our student population continues to grow, we witness a growing interest among students to join our cohort of ambitious learners. Our Primary program is meticulously crafted to empower students to streamline their courses of study, transforming the world into their classroom.

What is CGA’s philosophy behind 1-1 learning instead of group classes for Primary school?

In a one-on-one setting, teachers can engage in more constructive conversations with each student, fostering an environment where students can truly thrive and reach their limitless potential. This personalised approach enables teachers to tailor activities to each student's specific needs, leveraging their strengths while addressing weaknesses. By incorporating students' interests into the learning process, teachers can keep them fully engaged and motivated, unlocking their full capabilities.

What curriculum are we offering?

We have chosen a curriculum and resources that align with the learning needs of students at these grade levels. Our highly qualified teachers can scaffold material and differentiate based on the students' needs.

What is a PEC?

A Personalized Education Coach (PEC) at CGA is a dedicated professional who works closely with students and their families to provide personalised support and guidance throughout their educational journey. The role involves assisting students in planning their coursework, monitoring progress, setting goals, advocating for their needs, and fostering their independence and self-awareness.

What is involved in a PEC session?

A PEC session typically involves a discussion between the Personalized Education Coach (PEC) and the student. Here's what's typically involved:

Goal Setting: The PEC collaborates with the student to establish both short-term and long-term goals within the context of their courses and time at CGA.

Progress Monitoring: The PEC reviews the student's progress in their current courses, assessing whether they are meeting their academic milestones and making adjustments as needed to ensure continued success.

Reflective Practice: The session may involve reflective discussions where the student and PEC reflect on past experiences, challenges, and successes, identifying areas for growth and celebrating achievements within their courses

Advocacy and Support: The PEC acts as an advocate for the student, addressing any concerns or obstacles they may face and providing guidance and support to help them navigate challenges effectively.

Overall, a PEC session encompasses personalised guidance, goal setting, progress monitoring, advocacy, and relationship building, all aimed at supporting the student's academic success, personal growth, and overall well-being within the personalised education mode.