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Academic ESOL Summer Program 2024

This program is a vital opportunity for students to develop and practice their English skills throughout the vacation period, and serves as an ideal pathway for students intending to join CGA ESOL classes in September.

Why Join Our ESOL Summer Program?

Crimson Global Academy's 10-week ESOL Summer Program, is designed to support ESOL students in enhancing their proficiency in English literature.

This program is structured to provide students with an opportunity to engage with English texts that are appropriate to their level of language comprehension.

Within this program, students will participate in a curriculum focused on improving reading skills, expanding vocabulary, and developing both speaking and writing competencies.

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ESOL Summer Program Curriculum

The program centers on three carefully selected texts, including both fiction and non-fiction, that resonate with students' age and language level. It's an immersive experience designed to balance the joy of reading with the acquisition of critical language skills.

Weeks 1-3

Reading skills Literary terminology Identifying parts of speech Reading comprehension strategies Summarizing and predicting

Weeks 4-6

Creative writing task Reading comprehension practice Character roleplays Group presentations and peer reviews Expressing opinions supported by evidence from the text

Weeks 7-10

Analyzing language in detail Essay writing skills Reflecting, comparing/contrasting, and summarizing Planning and completing final written task End-of-program quiz

Who is the Summer Program for?

AGE: mature 12-15 year-old students looking to improve their English before entering a middle school or high school course in which the language of instruction is English.  

ENGLISH ABILITY: We offer 3 different levels in this programme (Elementary, pre-intermediate and Intermediate).

Note: This program is not appropriate for English learners who are beginners

Summer program 2024