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Parent Perspective: How my Daughter Reached the Ivy League

Join CGA parent, Linda Liu in our free webinar as she tells-all on her global approach to learning that led daughter Jade to gain admission to seven top universities around the world including Princeton, Columbia, and Georgia Tech.



May 25th, 2024


Online via zoom


7:00PM NZ


Free to attend

Are you looking for effective ways to support your child’s university ambitions?

Learn how parental support and an international curriculum can help your child achieve academic success in our FREE webinar.

What to expect:

  • From overcoming academic challenges in Hong Kong to becoming the second Chinese female pilot in one of Hong Kong Airlines, Dragonair, Linda reveals how her approach to global learning assisted her daughter Jade to secure places at Ivy League universities.
  • Discover how an international curriculum can offer your child a distinct advantage in achieving top university admission success.
  • Valuable insight into curriculum choice & subject selection based on your child's future goals.
  • Interact with a live Q&A session and gain effective strategies to support your child’s academic aspirations.

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Meet Your Speaker

CGA Parent, Linda Liu

From failing subjects in Year 10 due to a broken education system in Hong Kong, to becoming the second Chinese female pilot in Hong Kong and the company Dragonair, Linda channeled setbacks to develop her family’s self-led and global approach to learning that has supported her daughter Jade to gain admission to the Top US Universities.

Linda believes in the value of an international curriculum and has a global perspective on international university and career pathways.


Why CGA for Ambitious Students?

CGA is where ambitions meet opportunity. We are committed to supporting students across the globe in reaching unparalleled heights in their academics and personal endeavors.

Here's what you'll learn:

Benefits of a Global Curriculum

Understand the value of an international curriculum and how a global perspective enhances university and career pathways.

Choosing the Right Course

Explore the advantages of APs, IB, and A-Levels to find the best fit for your child. Learn how to combine different international curriculums and increase course load rigour for a more challenging educational experience.

Optimising Home Learning

Gain practical advice on how to enhance the study environment at home, ensuring it supports your child’s academic pursuits effectively.

The Role of Extracurriculars

Discover why activities outside the classroom are crucial in developing well-rounded students and how they contribute to both personal growth and university applications.

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