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19 April 2024







Meet The Pattons

Find out how this CGA family is completing high school while travelling the world, as they debunk common myths surrounding online schooling.

​​”It's like being in a real school, but online.” - Chantal, CGA Parent

travelling family

Online Schooling Revealed With CEO Penelope Barton

Join CGA's visionary CEO, Penelope Barton, as she demystifies online schooling with insights from her latest article, "5 Myths About Online Schooling."

Beyond her role, Penelope is fueled by a deep passion for education and a commitment to fostering students' potential. In this session, she will:

  • Share findings from her recent research
  • Provide expert analysis on virtual learning myths
  • Highlight the true benefits of online education
penelope barton

Redefine What You Know About Online Learning

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This webinar is perfect for families curious about the realities of online learning, seeking a comprehensive understanding of CGA's virtual schooling environment.

Expert Guidance on CGA's Approach

Learn about our innovative educational model and curriculum designed for diverse learners.

Curriculum Deep-Dive

Explore the wide range of courses tailored to meet various academic interests and needs.

travelling family
CGA's Travelling Family

Hear from one of our families about the freedom and academic excellence that online schooling offers to those who love to explore the world.

Live Q&A

Direct access to our educational experts for personalized advice and insights into the CGA experience.