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Your Roadmap to University Success

Find out how Hong Kong students use Crimson Global Academy to supercharge their learning with extra subjects in International GCSE, A-Level and AP courses.

Building strong academic profiles!

Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge... Excellent academics are always a requirement, regardless of which prestigious US or UK university you are aiming for — but it's not easy to stand out academically!

How can a Hong Kong high school student take advanced Computer Science or Further Maths courses to stay on top of academics as their peers do in China, Singapore, the US, or the UK?

What will you learn?

  • How to take classes beyond your age to impress university admissions officers
  • The benefits of internationally-recognized qualifications
  • Examples of strong high school students profiles from top-tier public schools and international schools in Hong Kong and how to level up their academics
  • Tips for Hong Kong students aiming for the Oxbridge/Ivy League!

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