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At Crimson Global Academy (CGA), we guide students towards achieving their academic or personal aspirations.

Our 2023/2024 students have secured an impressive tally of offers from prestigious universities around the globe, including:

  • 50+ university offers.
  • 21 offers to the world's top 20 ranked universities.
  • 25% received an offer to Oxbridge or an Ivy League school.
  • Ivy League offers to Princeton, Columbia, and Cornell.

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2023/2024 CGA University Results
Top UniversityAdmission Results from CGA Students
Cambridge University2
Columbia University1
UC Berkeley2
Washington University2
Oxford University3
Carnegie Mellon1
University of Edinburgh2
Johns Hopkins1
University of Toronto1
Berklee College1
Williams College1
University of Kent1
Pace University 1
UNC Chapel Hill1
Bradley University 1
Oxford Brookes University1
Vanderbilt University1
DePaul University2
Pembroke College1
University of Manchester1
San Diego State1
Newcastle University 1
Middlebury College1
University of Michigan1
Georgia Tech1
University of Glasgow1
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1
Chapman University 1
UC Irvine1
Loyola Marymount1
King's College London3
UC San Diego1
University of Durham2
Imperial College1
NYU Shanghai1