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Why are families in Asia choosing Crimson Global Academy?

Join a community of over 1,500+ students worldwide at the top-ranked online high school. Personalize your learning, learn from our world-class teachers and get access to university support.

Are you exploring different education options for 2024?

Here are some questions to ask yourself...

  • Does your school provide accelerated pathways for your child to excel?
  • Are there subjects your child wants to learn… but aren’t available?
  • Are you limited with the options available in your local area?
  • Does your child feel happy going to school every day?
  • Does your child prefer intimate classes or learning online?
  • Is your child's athletics or work interrupting their attendance?
  • Is your child looking to apply to the world's best universities?

CGA may be the perfect option for your family.

International GCSE and A-Levels


Enrollment to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximize personalized learning and student success through small class sizes. There are 4 easy steps to join CGA.

Book a meeting with our admissions officer

Our admissions team will contact you to explain our application process.

Complete diagnostic test

The test will determine your academic ability regardless of age or grade level.

Admissions Interview

Once the test is complete, your results will be reviewed and a final interview will be required to confirm your subject choices.

Confirm your Enrollment

Submit your final enrollment forms and we will be ready to welcome you to CGA and set you up for classes!


Speak to a CGA Academic Advisor

Receive a personalized consultation based on your child's needs.

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