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Discover how CGA's innovative approach to education transformed schooling for these students based in Asia.


A class of diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers.


A 24/7 global timetable to suit multiple timezones worldwide.


Top-tier teachers selected for engagement, inspiration and results.


Karthik embarked on his educational journey at CGA as a Primary School student. Now studying Pre-IGCSE, Karthik's academic performance has soared. Thanks to CGA's flexible learning environment where students can study at their ability not age, he made significant academic progress by skipping two grades and achieving the highest grade of nine.

Mahathi is making remarkable strides in her IGCSE studies. With a passion for learning and a drive for excellence, Mahathi benefits from the small class sizes and personalized attention. Her accelerated learning pace and the supportive academic environment have empowered her to excel in her education.

Watch Karthik & Mahathi's full testimony and download our 'Why CGA' eBook to learn how CGA can support your child's academic goals.

karthik and mahathi

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Here's how CGA can benefit your child

CGA offers a unique opportunity for bright children to develop their shared love of learning in a globally connected school.

We give students the flexibility to study at a time and a pace that suits them, individualiizing their learning and structuring their timetable so their education fits around their lives.

Our mission is to broaden international access to high-quality education through technology, ensuring that each student who leaves our school has the belief and the tools to accomplish their goals.

International Curriculum

Our students study the world-renowned International GCSE, A-Level, and Advanced Placement curricula, recognized throughout the world for its academic rigor and breadth of learning.

Enriched Extra-curriculars

Clubs at CGA are focused on developing interests, and shaping young leaders with skills needed to succeed. All clubs pursue a project-based outcome or participation in an elite global competition.

Student Support

Access to social counselling and pastoral care support to ensure students are reaching their full potential.

University Support

Access to resources and experienced guidance staff that have helped students gain admissions to the world's most elite universities.