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How many A-Levels for Admission to Top Universities?

The international A Levels provide students with a rigorous curriculum, fostering academic excellence, critical thinking, and subject depth, preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.

What are International A Levels?

The International GCSEs and A Levels are the most commonly studied curriculum around the world. They are based on the UK high school education system and are adapted for a global student base. At Crimson Global Academy we offer the A Levels online for students around the world.

  • Students usually begin the International GCSE curriculum in Year 10 or 11 by sitting 4-5 subjects.
  • In Year 12 students move on to the A Levels that are further broken down into two parts: the AS Level, called “Advanced Subsidiary”, (usually done in Year 12) and A2 Level (typically done in Year 13). Traditionally, students take 4-5 AS Level subjects and then go on to take 3-4 of those subjects at the A2 Level.

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What A Level subjects are on offer online?


You will dive deeper into Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics as well as Decision Mathematics.

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Further Mathematics

Problem solving, proof and mathematical modelling will be assessed in further mathematics in the context of the wider knowledge which students taking A level further mathematics will have studied

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English Literature

Explore drama texts, poems and poetry movement, a novel, a Shakespearean play, as well as prose.

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English Language

You will study Context and Identity of Language; Language in Transition; Writing; and Investigating Language.

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Learn all about Cells, Development, Biodiversity & Conservation; Microbiology & Immunity; and Respiration & Gene Technology.

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You will study Organic Chemistry; Energetics, Halogenoalkanes & Alcohols; and Transition Metals & Organic Nitrogen Chemistry.

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Dive into Mechanics; Waves & Electricity; Fields & Particles; and Thermodynamics, Radiation, Oscillations & Cosmology.

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This course's approach focuses on depth, breadth and interpretation of events in history giving you a full view.

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You will study Markets in Action; Macroeconomic Performance and Policy; Business Behaviour; and Global Economy.

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You will study Marketing and People; Managing Business Activities; Business Decisions and Strategy; and Global Business.

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Learn all about Social and Cognitive Psychology; learning theories and development; and Clinical psychology.

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Explore the Advantages of A Levels

A Levels provide students with a rigorous curriculum, fostering academic excellence, critical thinking, and subject depth, preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.

Exploring Subject Depth

A Levels offer students the chance to delve deeply into subjects, building upon previous knowledge or exploring new disciplines, fostering critical thinking and broadening perspectives.

Suitable for Ambitious Learners

A Levels offer ambitious learners the chance to excel academically, providing avenues for extra challenges like additional courses or Extended Project Qualifications, demonstrating dedication and impressing universities.

Flexibility and Expert Instruction

At CGA, our A Level courses offer flexible scheduling and expert instruction tailored to accommodate diverse student commitments. Our experienced teachers bring enthusiasm to the virtual classroom, fostering engaging learning experiences.

Recognised Globally

A Levels are widely accepted, offered in over 10,000 schools across 160 countries to over a million students. Recognised by 1,400 universities globally, including Ivy League institutions, they enhance admission prospects to top-tier universities worldwide.