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Your pathway to the world's best tech companies. Learn Web Development, App Development, and Data Science in project-based coding courses.

Learn to programme through projects

Crimson Code offers short, live, project-based coding courses.

Our courses instill a passion for technology, preparing students for university and employment in the tech industry.

Create a Coding Portfolio

A coding portfolio is the first thing admissions officers and top employers (Google, Facebook, etc.) ask for. Each Crimson coder builds projects that are showcased in their coding portfolios.

Code Real Projects

Our courses are entirely project-based. In every course, students build cool projects like Twitter, Instagram, Algorithms, and much more! Students gain the skills to build real-world apps.

"Stackable" courses

Start with core courses like web development, then stack on shorter courses like "Building Amazon" to dive deep and add to your coding portfolio. Choose your customized Computer Science journey.

Live group classes

Learn in-demand skills in engaging, live classes from experienced Computer Science instructors from leading universities such as Duke, Stanford, and Vanderbilt. Join the community!

Coding Pathways

Choose the pathway that works for you. Each pathway contains four courses. Complete as many courses as you would like. Each course is 12 weeks and serves as a prerequisite for the following course.
Web Development

Web Development

Learn to code modern websites.

App Development

App Development

Learn to code mobile applications.

Data Science

Data Science

Understand AI, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Web Development

Complete all four courses to be a true Web Development expert. Each course is $1,200.

App Development

Four App Development courses to build powerful mobile applications. Each course is $1,200.

Data Science

The world of machine learning, AI, and Big Data broken up over four courses. Each course is $1,200.

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New to Computer Science?

Start with Coding Basics.

If you're new to Computer Science, start with our Coding 101 course.

Coding 101 is a 6-week introduction course that serves as a foundation for our other Coding Pathways. The course costs $600.

Lessons take place in 2x 1-hour lessons per week. Students learn the basics of coding and create a website.

Course Packages

Wanting to complete multiple courses? Purchase a package.

Built by Stanford and Duke graduates

Crimson Code's programmes are developed by graduates from the world's leading Computer Science institutions.