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At Crimson Global Academy learning starts in the classroom but extends far beyond. Our ECL programme is built to inspire passion and curiosity in our learners.

ECL activities

Extracurricular and leadership (ECL) activities are an integral part of school life for students at CGA. Through our ECL programme students get access to:

What we offer

The range of ECLs on offer at CGA is always growing, with students having exclusive and fast track access to some of the 1,700+ ECL opportunities featured on

A range of our ECL opportunities include:


CGA has a competitive debating programme, with students having the opportunity to take part in competitions at the local, national and international level.


Start up companies are changing the world around us. Through CGA’s entrepreneurship programme, students are able to develop skills that will enable them to be the changemakers of the future.

Health and Wellbeing

CGA has a dedicated programme. Students get access to classes focused on maintaining fitness and advice covering areas of physical health, including nutrition, posture, exercise and mental health.

Community Service

CGA’s community service clubs provide CGA students with the opportunity to work on community service projects that transcend international borders.


Through partnerships with local clubs, coaches and sports organisations, students from CGA are able to access a wide range of sports.

Arts and Culture

CGA is able to connect students with Crimson’s extensive network of tutors, coaches and mentors across a range of arts and cultural activities, including visual arts, music, dance and drama.

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​CGA students have priority access to all of Crimson Education’s international ​tours.

The STEM Accelerator Tour takes students through a guided tour of the most innovative institutes and companies in the world, including: NASA, SpaceX, Google, Snapchat, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Caltech and more. Students will get a glimpse into the future.​

The Model United Nations (MUN) tour provides students with the opportunity to participate and compete with the very best high-school debators in the world, while experiencing the facilities of prestigious universities, such as Harvard and Yale.