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Are you a traveling family seeking a solution to quality education on the go?

Experience the freedom of a flexible, world-class education with CGA. Our online learning environment erases traditional boundaries, empowering you to take your education anywhere in the world!

The Ultimate Flexibility and Personalised Learning

Dive into the enriching journey of the Patton family, globe-trotting adventurers and proud members of the Crimson Global Academy community with our FREE EBOOK.

  • Frustrated with an unstructured curriculum, see how CGA addressed their concerns by offering comprehensive, internationally-recognised curricula.
  • Hear firsthand how their children are not only growing up without borders but thriving academically.
  • Learn about the unparalleled flexibility CGA offers, enabling students to attend classes from anywhere in the world - be it a hotel room or a new home abroad.
  • Missing the support of teachers and a school community, find out how CGA's world-class teachers and community make the difference.
  • Find out how CGA's 1-1 Da Vinci Program could be the ideal solution for your family on the go.

Accelerated Academics

“My academics have definitely pushed me to a higher level, I’m a year ahead [at CGA] than I would be in a normal high school. And my teachers have definitely helped me to advance because they're really good at what they do. And they teach me everything I need to know.” - CGA Student, Chloe


Personalised Learning

"As her teacher, I adapted to her unique circumstances by employing innovative teaching methods and flexible scheduling. Understanding her needs and keeping her motivated were key in ensuring that we successfully completed the curriculum despite her adventures abroad. Together, we navigated through the curriculum, providing her with a well-rounded education while she experienced the wonders of the world." - Jatinder Singh, Angelique's 1:1 Maths Teacher


Find Out Why This Family Chose CGA As Their Education Solution On-The-Go

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Meet The Pattons

“We are the Pattons, Tyler & Chantal and our three lovely daughters Julia, Angelique & Chloe, originally from Canada."

The Patton family chose CGA for the exceptional teaching staff and supportive environment, which offers the flexibility and adaptability crucial for their global nomadic lifestyle. CGA's commitment to providing access to world-class educators ensures the Patton children receive a high-quality education, no matter where in the world their adventures take them.

"So far our family has traveled to 100 countries and we are not planning on stopping anytime soon...Our lifestyle is very unique because we are constantly on the move and find ourselves in another country about every week. This is why CGA has been very helpful for our family and we’re happy to share our experience here with you, so it might help your family too.”

- CGA Parent, Chantal