Meet CGA Student, Karin

26 JAN 2021

Introducing Karin

Karin Rezkalla, 15 years old, is a part-time student at CGA from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. She is an ambitious student who has topped her year academically 3 years in a row!

At CGA Karin takes International GCSE Chemistry and Accelerated Mathematics. In her most recent exam results, she received outstanding results in her subjects. She also raises money for refugees, plays multiple instruments and speaks three languages. 

Karin chose CGA because it gave her the opportunity to extend herself academically.

With her part-time classes she is able to expand her studies beyond her normal classroom to include an international curriculum.

The most appealing thing for me about CGA and the thing that made me want to join CGA was probably its academic factor - that was really my hook. It's a way to extend myself.

Meet Karin, and listen to her CGA story!


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