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The "New Normal" of Online Learning

+ What does the current online shift mean for high school education?

How can students accelerate their future by adapting to online learning?

+ How can parents best transition to online learning?

+ Hear success stories on how students have transformed their future with online learning

+ Learn how CGA is establishing an optimal learning environment through our class demo



Determining The Best Curriculum For You

+ How CGA works with NCEA, Cambridge and IB

+ An evaluation of the roadblocks and benefits of each curriculum

+ How combining curricula can give you a competitive advantage

+ How CGA is structured to fit with any curriculum 

+ How current 2020 CGA students are accelerating their learning by combining CGA with NCEA, CIE and IB



The Secrets of Subject Selection

+ Discover the potential of CGA's A-Level Subjects

View the multiple CGA Subject Pathways 

+Learn about the power of choosing core subjects

+ Hear from two Crimson students talk about their own high school subject selection and how it got them to where they are now

+ Q&A Session with Jamie Beaton and Crimson students



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What do Crimson Global Academy parents have to say?

Crimson delivers what it promises.  Relaying her daily experience, our daughter has nothing but positive feedback.  The teachers are approachable, knowledgeable, and responsive to students, ensuring all content is clearly understood.  Our daughter loves the virtual learning, finding it time efficient, freeing her schedule to balance increased available study time with other extra-curricular interests.  Crimson has a great vibe!  We couldn’t be happier to be a part of it! 

Marina J., New Zealand

CGA Parent, Class of 2020

“My 15 year old daughter started lessons with Crimson Global Academy this week. Early days but so far she is very much enjoying it and it is SUCH a relief to see her getting real teaching from people who seem to have a passion for their subject. What a contribution on an international level! Thank you"

Sarah T., New Zealand

CGA Parent, Class of 2020

"Cathy really enjoys her learning with CGA, she is so excited, actually more and more excited with her learning at CGA. Cathy falls in love with what she is learning everyday. I've never seen her like this before. She told me that everyday, she is looking forward to having lessons with her CGA teachers. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart"

Linda T., New Zealand

CGA Parent, Class of 2020

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