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Tutoring or Online High School: What are the benefits and differences?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully registered online high school offering flexible home learning options to students globally. In this article, we will compare the benefits and key differences between Online High School and Tutoring.

Why is CGA better than online tutoring?

We often get asked how CGA is different from online tutoring. Due to the way our learning is delivered, many people can confuse us for a tutoring service. But besides being online, we are so much more than a tutoring service - we are a fully registered online school that delivers a world-class learning experience to students around the globe.

At CGA students can pursue an international curriculum that is taught by experienced teachers. That is perhaps our biggest difference - unlike a tutoring session that is taught by someone who is not necessarily qualified to teach, our classes are taught educators who have more than 20 years of experience and are passionate about online learning. Our teachers are trained to deliver instructions for the International GCSE, A Levels and Advanced Placement courses, while challenging students to achieve their best results. On the other hand, a tutor is usually someone who fills in the knowledge gaps that students might have after attending class.

The one-on-one nature of tutoring is ideal for solving problems that might arise in a normal classroom due to the number of students a teacher is meant to manage. At CGA the average class size is 7 students, ensuring that our teachers are able to interact with each student on a personal level. This eliminates the need for tutoring at a later point, as most doubts are resolved in class time.

In a tutoring session, students are limited in their interactivity. A CGA classroom is a truly global setting with students joining from everywhere. This gives everyone an opportunity to interact with a wide variety of classmates.

Learn more about how our online school is different from tutoring below.

Online school vs. Tutoring
QualificationsOur teachers are fully registered and have over 20 years of teaching experience.Tutors are generally not required to have any formal qualifications.
Number of StudentsUnlike traditional schools, CGA classrooms have an average of 7 students per class, facilitating closer interaction with peers and teachers.Tutors and students interact one-on-one.
Learning goalsOur teachers are focused on bringing out the best in each of our students so they can reach their full potential.Tutors are generally focused on the learning goals of individual students.
FlexibilityAt CGA, each student can make their own timetable depending on their availability and ability.Tutors are more flexible than traditional schools in terms of learning hours and materials.
Feedback and attentionDue to the small class sizes at CGA, each student receives personalized attention and feedback from teachers.A tutor can provide more personalised feedback than a traditional classroom
Cost and valueOur school cost covers the subject classes for an entire year, with an internationally-recognised qualification upon completion. For part-time students, our teachers teach 3 hours a week (over 2 or 3 periods) and full time students receive 5 hours of live instruction over 5 periods. Tutoring session are generally paid by hour of instruction, once a week. This can be costly if you require multiple hour-long sessions per week.

Meet our Teachers

Our academic faculty have been rigorously vetted and thoughtfully selected for their inspiration, engagement and proven track record of outstanding student results. Their dedication, depth and passion for teaching inspires and builds confidence in students. Plus, they all believe in the importance of online learning for the future of education. Our fully registered teachers are based around the world, including in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond.
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Welcome to a Global Classroom

With students currently enrolled from 18 countries, the Crimson globe feels small and limitless at the very same time. The diversity and drive of our student body is the pride of our school - we welcome you warmly and hope you feel at home. Meet our current online class, watch testimonials from current families and hear what Crimson Alumni have to say about their educational journey with us.
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Learning Pathways at CGA

At CGA you can study the internationally-recognised A Level curriculum in a variety of subjects.

Outside the classroom with CGA

ECLs at CGA are focused on developing young leaders who have the skills needed to succeed in the future. Our school-led clubs follow a subscription method and are led by a teacher, providing students with experiences that will prepare them for future careers.

Student-led clubs are formed by students and provide a way for them to collaborate with others globally on a subject of interest. Like a traditional school, we also offer student government opportunities to our students.

School-led clubs

CGA teachers lead students in the Math Club, Model UN, Game Development, Web Development, Volunteer Club and Investment Club.

Student-led clubs

Students can collaborate in Art, Roblox, e-Sports, school newspaper, TEDx and many more.

Student Government

Students can run for various positions like head prefect, faculty prefect, ECL prefect, student mentors and representatives.

International Tours

CGA students have access to all of Crimson Education's international tours like the STEM Accelerator tour and Model UN.

Download our School Prospectus

If you are looking for tutoring, consider our online high school by downloading the Prospectus to see if CGA is right for you.

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