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Crimson Global Academy

The global high school delivering world-class teaching to students right in their own home. Now accepting applications from students in Australia.
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The School Of Tomorrow

Our vision is simple. We will provide effective, challenging, and transformative schooling, suited to the current generation of students.
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What is Crimson Global Academy?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class, fully-registered online high school delivering live, real-time teaching to students right in their own home.

Designed to challenge, students graduate with the International GCSE and International A-Level qualifications which are globally recognised for their academic rigour, flexibility, and breadth of learning.

CGA goes wider
CGA goes wider

CGA offers a wider range of subjects students may not traditionally have access to. Students can enroll part-time in addition to their standard schooling, or full-time with CGA.

CGA goes deeper
CGA goes deeper

Students are placed into courses based on ability, not age, meaning students can go deeper and study more advanced content.

CGA goes global
CGA goes global

CGA Students study an internationally recognised curriculum through Pearson Edexcel in a truly global classroom, with classmates hailing from all over the world.

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Discover how high school students are using CGA to get ahead

Guide to Crimson Global Academy

We’ve prepared a special guide to give you an overview of everything you need to know about Crimson Global Academy.

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  • Everything you need to know about CGA
  • Examples of how students are using CGA to get ahead
  • How our school works
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CGA students receive outstanding results