CGA Stories: Eva

19 JAN 2021

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Eva is a full-time CGA student based in New Zealand and an expert cello player.

In the past years, Eva has been performing both locally and internationally; in 2019, she performed at the Winners Recital in Carnegie Hall, New York. She also participated in the Juilliard Summer Performing Arts programme, that same year. In 2021, Eva participated in the NZSO National Youth Orchestra programme, where she found great passion meeting new people with similar passions and goals. She is currently playing as Associate Principal in Auckland Youth Orchestra, a premier regional youth orchestra in New Zealand.

At CGA we support ambitious students like Eva while they pursue their passions beyond the classroom. This flexibility allows our students to extend themselves far beyond the standard curriculum and, in turn, present some of the most persuasive university applications in the world.

Learn more about CGA’s enrolment options here. See how CGA supports Yvonne, Freya, Max and Eva in their extra-curricular activities.


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