Crimson Education alumnus shares his experience of learning subjects through online classes

08 MAR 2020

Soumil was enrolled in a local, brick and mortar school, however he found that the choice of subjects offered were limited and wanted to challenge himself further. While remaining at the brick and mortar school, Soumil enrolled to take 6 additional subjects with Crimson, including English and Business Studies, which he achieved Top in World at A-Level.

“Crimson has fundamentally changed my life. It opened my mind to things that I didn’t know were possible and didn’t know I wanted. With the great teachers and tutors at Crimson, I was able to learn 5x faster than in a traditional class.” Watch this video to hear about his experience, while dispelling some common misconceptions of learning online.

Disclaimer: Soumil is a Crimson Education alumnus, receiving online teaching and tutorial prior to CGA registration.


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