Admissions Criteria

Crimson Global Academy seeks students who are intellectually curious and academically driven, eager to engage in extracurricular activities or already pursuing significant non-academic pursuits outside the classroom. Their families are highly engaged in the student's goals and form a support unit alongside the CGA team.

How We Assess Applicants

Admission to CGA is competitive as we aim to maximise personalised learning and student success through small class sizes. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all qualified students. 


When reading student applications, our Admissions Team takes into account a wide variety of elements with no one component acting as a definitive factor. We evaluate candidates on the below criteria:

Academic Ability 

Applicants must be ready to embrace Crimson's rigorous online learning environment, which both challenges students and has a history of high academic achievement. We look for dedication to academic pursuits and intellectual curiosity through: 

  • Grades and scores over time

  • Rigour of subjects and courses taken 

  • School type, curriculum and environment

  • Academic pursuits outside of the classroom

  • Standardised test scores (if any)

Student and Parent Qualities

We select students who have the passion and potential to become global leaders - a passion which begins with the student being a positive contributing member of the CGA community. We look for students who will engage in the life activities of the school and have the potential to make a difference in their local communities and beyond. 


We assess this through: 

  • Personal essay video

  • Extracurricular activities  

  • Demonstrated leadership in their current school or community

  • Parent questionnaire

A Good Fit for CGA

We seek students who have demonstrated a clear understanding of the CGA teaching model and can benefit from it. They have shown independence,  strong time management skills, and maturity beyond their years with the guidance of their supportive parents. 

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